PixCare: Peace of mind & expert support for your business online

Don’t let technical hurdles slow you down: Introducing PixCare, your website’s ongoing maintenance insurance. PixCare proactively secures, optimises, and modifies your website, giving you complete peace of mind. We go beyond reactive fixes and focus on a proactive partnership, ensuring your website performs at its peak potential, allowing you to focus on what matters most – running your business.

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PixCare: Your Website's Reliable Partner for Optimal Performance

PixCare goes beyond basic website maintenance. It’s a comprehensive and proactive solution designed to keep your website secure, optimised, and performing at its peak. Here’s what PixCare offers:

Proactive maintenance & security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is protected from security threats. PixCare proactively monitors your website for vulnerabilities, performs regular backups, and addresses potential issues before they arise.

Performance optimisation

Ensure your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience. With PixCare, we will optimise your website performance monthly, improving page speed, and keeps your website running at its optimal capacity.

Dedicated support team

Get expert help whenever you need it. PixCare provides access to our dedicated support team via your portal, ready to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and offer ongoing guidance.

PixCare: Your Website's Guardian & Growth Engine

Don’t let website worries hold you back. PixCare is your comprehensive website maintenance and optimisation solution, designed to safeguard your online presence and propel your business forward. Explore PixCare and discover how we can ensure your website runs smoothly, delivers exceptional performance, and empowers your success.

Peace of mind & website success starts with PixCare

Protect your website, optimise performance & free yourself to focus on what matters most. Get expert support, proactive maintenance, and ongoing improvements with PixCare.
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Advanced hosting & security

Experience unparalleled security and performance with PixCare. We partner with Hostinger, a premier WordPress hosting provider, ensuring your website is secure, optimised, and lightning-fast using advanced caching and multiple CDN locations. You'll also have peace of mind knowing your site gets backed up daily - just incase.

Speed optimisation & regular monitoring

PixCare prioritises website speed. We continuously monitor your website's performance using Pingdom and implement optimisations for a seamless user experience. You'll receive regular reports with insights for further improvement.

Effortless WordPress & plugin updates

Stay ahead of the curve with automated WordPress and plugin updates. PixCare ensures your website utilises the latest security patches, functionalities, and speed enhancements, maximising its potential.

Future-proof compatibility

PixCare adapts to the ever-evolving digital landscape. We proactively test and optimise your website for new browsers, devices, and operating systems, guaranteeing a smooth experience for all visitors.

Actionable insights & monthly reporting

Gain valuable insights without the hassle. PixCare delivers a personalised monthly report with key website metrics tailored to your business needs. Quarterly consultations with our experts help you leverage these analytics for growth.

Monthly development hours for small tweaks

PixCare goes beyond maintenance. You'll receive 2 hours per month for minor website adjustments and improvements. Unused hours roll over for 3 months, and larger projects receive a discounted rate.

Priority support & dedicated account manager

Enjoy peace of mind with priority support. Your dedicated PixCare account manager will handle your requests promptly, communicate updates, and ensure your website runs smoothly.

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